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    Contact Information:
    Email: c_quinn@wnymcs9-12.com 
    My teaching philosophy is to teach with meaning. Therefore, throughout my class I will provide examples where the material being taught is used in the real world. I believe that when there is an application tied to the material, it provides better understanding, comprehension, and retention.
    Along with providing real world examples, I also believe in holding the students to a very high standard, preparing them for the real world and the end of the year assessments. However, I am confident that if every student puts forth their best effort they will be very successful at the end of the year.
    Europe Trip:
    Will be going to Europe with a group of Students in July 2018. If you are interested please come see me!
    Costa Rica Trip:
    Will be going to Costa Rica with a group of Students in July 2020. Information meeting March 1, 2018! If interested please attend meeting or see me!
    Image result for math joke