Western New York Maritime Charter School

A Set Course To Achievement - Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Maritime Cadet?


Maritime Middle School Student Supply List

Art –

  • 1 – Pack of #2 pencils with erasers

  • 1 – notebook

  • 1 - folder

  • 1 – Smock or over sized long sleeve shirt (it is very important that you bring in a smock to ensure your uniform does not get dirty!  It is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean!)


  • 2 inch binder with tabs

  • 4 folders (color doesn't matter)

  • Spiral notebook

  • pens and pencils

  • highlighters

  • loose leaf paper



  • Pencil or Pen in class each and every day

  • Binder (1-inch) *

  •  1 pack of lined 3 hole punched paper

  • Composition Notebook * 

* to be used in 8th grade as well


  • Composition notebook - Any colors! 

  • Binder (1" or smaller is fine) - Any colors! 


  • Just a 3-ring binder or 3-pronged folder for PE class will suffice.


**The students will be using these materials for interactive notebooks. Note pages will be glued into the notebook throughout the year; therefore, it has to have a binding that won’t allow the pages to fall out

***The folder will be used for papers (tests/quizzes/study guides) that will be loose and not put in the notebook.


Social Studies

  • 1 inch 3-ring binder

  • A spiral notebook 

  • Black or blue pens / #2 pencils