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    WNY Maritime Charter School 2015 - 2016
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    Naval Science 2 - This second year program builds on the general introduction provided in Naval Science 1, to further develop the traits of citizenship and leadership in Cadets, introduce Cadets to technical areas of Naval Science, and engender a deeper awareness of the vital importance of the world oceans to the continued well-being of the United States.  The course content includes ongoing instructions in leadership theory, Naval Orientation and Career Planning, Citizenship in the U.S and Other countries, Naval History: 1775 through 1945, Meteorology and Weather, and Astronomy.
    Naval Science 4 - This course is focused solely on practical leadership.  The intent is to assist the Senior in understanding leadership and improving their leadership skills by putting them in positions of leadership, under supervision, then helping them analyze the reasons for their varying degrees of success through the year.  Classroom activities include seminars, reading assignments, classroom presentations, and practical work with younger Cadets.
    Cultural Awareness -  An Introduction to Global Awareness is a customized course about world cultures.  The course is specifically created for US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force Junior ROTC programs.  It is designed to introduce students to the study of world affairs, regional studies, and cultural awareness.  It delves into history, geography, religions, languages, culture, political systems, economics, social issues, environmental concerns, and human rights.  It also looks at the major events and significant figures that have shaped global regions.
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