• Air Rifle Team
     CMP States, Middletown, NY 25NOV2016
    Phone: (716)-842-6289 ext: 3336
    Coached by: Warrant Officer Jim Clark 
    Captained by Amani Howard, Daniel Conway


    Cadets competed by shooting .177 caliber pellet rifles from a distance of 10 Meters (or 33 Feet) in the Standing, Kneeling and Prone Positions.  
    This year we are participating in a variety of competitions as follows:
    - American Legion Junior Shooting Sports League sponsored by Orchard Park American Legion Post.
    Here we shoot seven weeks of competition against 14 clubs around the state.  Last year we placed 7th by wining 5 of 7 head to head matches.  We attended the AM Legion State Championships/Junior Olympics in February.
    - Navy Junior ROTC and American Legion “postal” competitions:
    This is where serialized score sheets are shot locally and mailed in for scoring giving WNY Maritime the opportunity compete nationally.
    School Records are as follows:


    Prone:       95  Chris Helton      03MAR16

    Kneeling:    87  Amani Howard      28NOV15, Kyle Stack NOV16

    Standing:    83  Kheiress Yogtiba  25NOV16

    Total 3X10: 241  Mung Maran        17NOV16

    Total 3X20: 500  Amani Howard      24NOV15

    All Cadets:

    Prone:       95  Chris Helton        03MAR16, Mike Slazak 29NOV17

    Kneeling:    93  Maran Mung          14NOV17

    Standing:    85  Mike Slazak         13FEB18

    Total 3X10: 250  Dan maran           06FEB18

    Total 3X20: 508  Amani Howard        19JAN17


    Highest Team 3X20 Mixed (4 shooters) 1897, 19JAN17 

    Amani Howard     509, Returning Cadet

    Kyle Stack       469, First Year Cadet

    Mike Slazal      461, First Year Cadet

    Daniel Conway    458, Returning Cadet


    Highest Team 3X10 Mixed (4 shooters) 958, 13MAR18

    Daniel Conway    246, Returning Cadet

    Mike Slazak      238, Returning Cadet

    Mung Maran       237, Returning Cadet

    Peter Mussilli   237, First Year Cadet



    Objective:  Mastering Air Rifle Safety


    • Safe Gun Handling
    • Shooting Range Basics
    • Range Commands
    • Range Firing Procedures
    • Self Discipline and Focus
    • Personal and Health Requirements
    • Become “Marksmanship Qualified”
    Chief CW04 James Clark
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