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Naval Science

WNYMCS offers many forms of academic intervention services. We are committed to each student having a successful academic career. In order to best support our students we offer the following interventions:

· Academic Intervention Services (AIS) – primarily for ninth graders, this is a class that they attend every other day which is meant to develop their reading, comprehension, and writing skills. It assists the student to meet the rigors of a high school curriculum.

· Life Skills Lessons – this involves every student in the school and is attended the last period of each day for the first five weeks. It incorporates such topics as Handbook 101, How to fill out an Application, How to handle Money and Credit, Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills. These are skills that each child needs before entering the work force.

· Ninth Period Tutorial – Any student failing a class after the first five weeks of school will be required to attend a ninth period class in that subject area. These classes are composed of smaller groups to help the students get the individual attention they need. They can be assigned from two to a maximum of six days per cycle depending on their individual needs.

· Academic Review Board (ARB) – this is a drastic measure for those students who are not successful in three or more classes. The student will be assigned a time to report for a review by their peers to explain their lack of success. You will also be notified so that you might attend. The board will make a recommendation on what is necessary to turn the student’s academic career around. In most cases the recommendations include:

(1) Contract – a contract will be signed by both the student and attending parent detailing what is expected in the next month.

(2) Mentor – students in 9th and 10th grade are assigned a ranking senior cadet mentor to help them. A student in 11th or 12th grade will be assigned an adult member to work with them.

(3) After School program – any student failing 3 or more classes will be assigned to the after-school program from 3:00 to 5:00 for a period not to exceed one month. A tutor is provided with each student receiving an individual plan of action.

(4) An individual progress report will be sent home on Friday of each week to show the progress made for the week.

(5) A second ARB will be held one month after the first. The contract will be reviewed and a recommendation made whether to (a) cancel the contract and after school program, (b) reprimand the student to continue on contract for one more month or (c) recommend the student for a formal hearing.

Every effort is made to support the student in their academic career. If you have any questions about any of the intervention strategies, do not hesitate to contact me at c_oldenburg@wnymcs9-12.com
Last Modified on June 29, 2008