• Extra Military Instruction (EMI) is a form of detention which will be utilized according to prescribed disciplinary procedures found in this handbook. The minimum EMI which will be assigned is two hours. The EMI will be served Wednesdays,from 1500 - 1700.

    Cadets serving EMI (or their parents) are responsible for providing transportation.

    Should cadets miss EMI without a valid excuse (required at home, needed on a team or had to work are invalid excuses), the EMI will be doubled to four hours and reassigned. If a cadet continues to miss scheduled EMI he/she will be suspended from school pending a conference with his/her parents.

    NOTE: Being placed on In-School Suspension does NOT cancel the requirement to serve assigned EMI.

    Cadets will be informed of their date for EMI and parents/guardian notified at least one day in advance. EMI will not be rescheduled except for bonafide medical reasons.
    EMI will consist most often of marching in a prescribed manner (without stopping, talking, playing) and physical training. It might, however, consist of polishing, light work, cleaning a space or a trash walkdown. Cadets should bring athletic clothes and shoes for physical training. EMI will be conducted by the cadet Master-at-Arms or his assigned representative under the supervision of an Instructor. Cadets who cannot or will not properly perform EMI will be dismissed from EMI without credit for performing EMI. Additional EMI may also be assigned.

    Cadets should be aware of their responsibility to call a "training time-out" when engaged in physical exercise and the cadet believes the continuation of exercise endangers their health. Cadets with medical excuses or physical problems precluding participation in EMI will be excused and rescheduled. Should such excuses continue, the cadet's parents will be contacted to discuss the medical excuse/physical problem.

Last Modified on May 23, 2012