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A Set Course To Achievement


-An outstanding academic program within the maritime traditions of the U.S. Navy and the rich
history of Buffalo as a distinguished seaport city.

-Expert teachers with high standards for instruction in reading, math, history, and science.

-An academic and naval science program designed to instill in cadets the highest sense of morality
and ethics with emphasis on integrity, discipline, honor, and service to others.

-Parent involvement in your child's education and school activities.
266 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY, 14204
(716) - 842 - 6289
FAX: (716) - 842 - 4241
WNYMCS - Middle
102 Buffum Street
Buffalo, NY, 14210
(716) - 898-2130
FAX: (716) - 822-1205
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School Hours: 7:30-3:30 (8:00-2:00 SUMMER)