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Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Cadets stand at parade rest for inspection.

The Western New York Maritime Charter School is not for everyone.  A prospective Cadet or Middle School Candidate need not strive for a military career after high school to excel at Maritime.  Rather that student must strive for excellence in whatever they do regardless of their chosen post-high school college and career path. If you have a desire to succeed in life and are willing to work for it, then Maritime is the school for you.  Cadets and Candidates can only be successful at Maritime if they are willing to put in hard work, rise to the challenge and exercise self-discipline.  Nothing is given; everything must be earned.  Centered on our four pillars of Academic Excellence, Character Development, Physical Development and Leadership Development Cadets and Candidates are expected to continuously strive for self-improvement.  A Cadet or Candidate should never select the easiest path.  Instead a Cadet or Candidate should always seek out new challenges and by facing and overcoming them realize the potential that lies within.  A Cadet or Candidate who backs away from this challenge will not be successful at Maritime.  A Cadet or Candidate who rises to the challenge can never be held back from their goals and dreams. 
A structured environment does not make one disciplined.  It only provides an environment in which the self-disciplined can succeed.  In order to be a successful Maritime Cadet or Candidate, one must be driven by an internal self-discipline that shows in outward actions.  These actions include always putting in the highest effort; completing all homework and class assignments; preparing and studying for every quiz, test or exam; participating in every class every day; wearing the uniform correctly with pride; ensuring haircuts are in regulation; being on time every time; accepting and learning from constructive criticism of both behavior and academic performance; giving proper respect to faculty, staff, and fellow Cadets and Candidates alike.
Can you meet this standard?  Do you have what it takes to be a Cadet or Middle School Candidate at the Western New York Maritime Charter School?